Make it easy for art buyers to discover your story... anytime, anywhere.

Many art buyers need to know the story of an artwork before making a purchase ... the inspiration... the process...even meeting the artist. However, artists can't be everywhere to tell every potential buyer the authentic story.

This is why ActivCanvas leads to more interest, more followers and more sales for artists. It's a new tool to help artists increase sales by making it easy for art buyers and collectors to hear and see the artist's story... anytime, anywhere.

Using the free ActivCanvas app, art buyers can unlock information about your artwork, simply by pointing their smartphone at it. After learning the story, they can connect with you through Facebook or your website.



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"I started using ActivCanvas about 2 weeks ago, and I've already sold a piece as a direct result.

A collector saw one of my paintings in an office space, scanned it, got the story and contacted me directly to order a custom piece...."

Garth Bayley, Artist

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